Contraception: a matter of life

 Everything you wanted to know about the use of contraceptives. Women's magazine JustLady respond to the most urgent questions of readers about the use of contraceptives.  

Coglasno survey conducted by a major medical portal, Russians responsible approach to contraception among 1,700 respondents, only 6% can not be protected, 40% use condoms, 21% - hormonal contraceptives, 18% practiced coitus interruptus, and 5% - calendar method.

On what problems can voz¬niknut while using contraception, told our readers, and three doctors commented on their history and shared information that you will not find in the usual instructions for use.

Oral contraceptives

One time I forgot to drink the pill, but decided not to panic and quietly drink them further. In the end it turned out that I was pregnant. How dangerous for the baby that I continued to drink hormones during pregnancy?
Irina Suzdal, 26

If you are taking hormonal contraceptives during the first month of pregnancy, then it will not make weather.

First of all, The fertilized egg does not immediately attached to the uterine wall, and the first two weeks of pills on it simply can not act.Secondly, The formation of genital organs of the fetus is sensitive to the effects of hormones that only begins at the eighth week of pregnancy. Therefore, likely to harm the child contraceptives will not do.

It is believed that after the rejection of the contraceptive pill increases the likelihood of twins. Is this true? Alexander Sedov, 25

Hormonal contraceptives for a long time suppress ovarian activity. And after their withdrawal in women with high fertility is sometimes a so-called rebaunt effect when the ovaries, making up for lost time, recovered from two eggs. So you might as well get the twins.

I do not dare to have sex in the seven days when a break from the pill and occur monthly. Can I get pregnant during this period? Elena Surikov, 24

Despite the fact that you miss seven days, hormones are still in effect on the body, and the egg leaves the ovary does not. Therefore, pregnancy does not threaten you. But to have sex during menstruation without a condom is still not recommended - it is not hygienic: cervix ajar, you can carry infection and thus earn endometritis.


Once I discovered that NuvaRing, which I began to use from me had disappeared. The manual says that it can not fall out. So what I - Bermuda tre¬ugolnik?
Svetlana Kot, 24

It is possible that you just can not find the ring, because it has penetrated deep inside. But keep in mind that NuvaRing may well fall out on their own - mostly in parous women with prolapse of the vaginal walls.
With nulliparous such trouble happens too - for example, if the ring was installed incorrectly and the village as follows on the cervix or as a result of violent sex classes in some kind of original positions.
In any case, the contraceptive effect of NuvaRing is not stored for more than three hours after the loss, then you run the risk of becoming pregnant.


It so happened that I had to take Postinor twice within a month. I do not say that this can not be done under any circumstances, and threaten to infertility and disease. What exactly is fraught with excessive enthusiasm Postinor?
Marina Shcherbakova, 21

These tablets contain a loading dose of progestogen hormone, which inhibits ovulation. Each method of preparation - strong hormonal stress, which knocks down cycle.
Postinor can drink very young girls aged 18 to 22 years with regular menstrual tsik¬lom and not more than four times a month. That is why it was called before preparation "for brides soldiers and sailors": soldiers go home for the weekend just four times a month.
Mature women and violations of Postinor cycle should not be accepted: it increases blood clotting, and the abuse may lead to ovarian dysfunction.


I do not know what's going on, but we are very often torn condoms. And even the most quality brands. Maybe Providence itself wants us to support the demographics in the country?
Karina Strajn 28

Condoms can break for four reasons. The first - put them incorrectly, leaving too much air in the tip. The second - the wrong size. This can be resolved, now in pharmacies can pick up condoms of all sizes. The third - a long sexual intercourse.

One last thing: you do not have enough natural lubrication, that is, you are not excited. In this case, either devote more time to foreplay, or use a lubricant.

Female condoms

I previously used the caps, and now hear that there are female condoms. I think it is much more convenient. Tell us how they look much different from men's and where to get them.
Xenia Grigoryak, 31

Caps, diaphragms and female condoms are the same: cover the cervix, avoiding contact with the sperm inside. Female condom - a pouch of 17 cm long polyurethane with two elastic rings of different diameters at the ends. As the cap is inserted inside before sexual intercourse.

Buy female condom can be a sex shop. And how to use it, should see a doctor: the effectiveness of these drugs and so is quite low, and incorrect installation will reduce the result to zero.

Candles and jelly

One day I decided to try to protect the jelly. In the end, it ended badly: candle melted and turned into a whole bunch of foam, we were both scared smeared and nearly drowned. Had to be washed together, although instruction is prohibited. What did I do wrong?
Alla Semeniuk, 32

Most likely, you overdo with the number of jelly - in this case is really worth waiting for excess foam. But it was impossible to wash in any case: spermicidal jelly candles and give only 80% efficient, and if you wash away the foam, sometimes even less.

This method of contraception is recommended rather middle-aged woman, not young girls with high fertility. If your partner's sperm will be tenacious, sea foam and then they can not hurt.


My contraceptive patch partially unstuck when I move. This somehow influences the amount of hormones in the blood which enter? And why is not recommended to stick the patch on the same place?
Sophia Petrova, 26

In what has come unstuck Area, there is nothing to worry about. The main thing is that the main part of the patch remains in place. Avoid the same space you need, because under the plaster epithelium hardly updated, and through a layer of old cells hormones are absorbed worse.

Do not tape the scars - the connective tissue will not miss hormones and patch will have no effect.

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