Wine therapy - Health and Longevity

Wine therapy - Health and Longevity
 Wine therapy - a treatment that is based on the healing properties of grapes. She began to develop recently, despite the fact that the benefits of drinking wine known by the ancient healers. Now it is one of the most pleasant and fashionable methods to improve health, improve your mood and make you feel better.

Wine therapy was developed after careful study by experts so-called "French paradox". French diet has never been considered healthy. They can not imagine my life without cheese, eggs, meat and other foods high in cholesterol, however, in France from cardiovascular disease die less than the neighbors on the continent. As it turned out, the truth is a good grape wine.

This method of treatment involves not only its ingestion. In addition to the wines it is also present grape seed oil, extracts, pomace and, of course, fresh grapes. Wine polyphenol replete capable of neutralizing free radicals which are formed in the body under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, strong gas content, stress, cigarette smoke. They are considered to be the main cause of aging. Grapes also promotes the oxidation of cholesterol that clogs and damages the blood vessels that impedes blood flow, increasing the risk of heart disease.

After the course wine therapy is cleansed skin, increase immunity and the normalization of the internal organs. It includes procedures such as peeling, massage, whirlpool bath, body masks and body wraps.

Body massage based on grape oil moisturizes, refreshes and softens the skin, thanks to the presence of fruit acids. Body scrub scrub is performed with natural essential oils, honey and crushed grape seeds. It improves blood circulation, cleanses and makes the skin smooth. Obertyvanit done based on the mixture of special clay, grape leaves and seeds. Hot tubs with red grape pomace to help relax, activate blood circulation. Masks based on wine stop aging, restoring skin to its former elasticity. Such a complex effect on the tired body contributes to its rejuvenation.

Naturally, in addition to this course must regularly, but in a moderate dosage, use red wine inside. Course wine therapy is indicated for vitamin deficiency of the skin, cellulite, insomnia, circulatory problems.

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