Why swollen legs

Why swollen legs
 Swelling of the legs gives a lot of inconvenience, discomfort and may indicate serious malfunctions in some organs. In order to effectively deal with this problem, it is necessary to know its causes and eliminate them.

Violations in their work often cause swelling in the back of the legs and eyelids. Edema of this kind is characterized by the formation of "bruising" under the eyes, poor urine output from the body and change its color. But there is no fever, itching and pain. Often, this swelling is observed in inflammation of the kidneys, which is due to the fact that people had been ill with SARS.


When the problem is in this body, the swelling observed in the shins. You can identify them by pushing the swollen place - usually it is more elastic and place pressure formed a small depression. Other characteristic features include constipation, drowsiness, tremor, and swelling in the shoulder area and language.


By outward appearances bowel disease lead to swelling of feet, very similar to those that are characteristic of renal diseases. Distinguish them for the duration of diarrhea and lack of problems with urination.


Varicose veins are caused by a violation of the outflow of blood, which leads to increased pressure and stagnation of blood, is a very common cause of leg edema. It appears after long loads on foot in the late afternoon and after rest or sleep disappears. Exacerbated the situation could edema caused by disturbances in the work of other bodies. Therefore, the best prevention is a moderate load and avoiding tight clothing.

Another disease of the veins, leading to edema - thrombophlebitis. It is recognized by painful sensations in the veins of the red and the "heat", so it is not difficult to distinguish from the others.

In addition to diseases, there are other factors that contribute to leg edema. For example, the reason may lie in the shoe. If it is not convenient, close, high heels or completely flat shoes without lifting, the swelling is inevitable. It is also important to keep your feet and toes in the shoes were in the normal normal position.

If the cause of edema is a disease you should immediately seek medical attention and take the necessary treatment. With his hand you need to avoid that can contribute to swelling due to physical effects (narrow shoes and clothing).

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