What is hypertension

What is hypertension
 Pressure changes during the day. It increases slightly during the day and night falls, adapts to changes in atmospheric pressure, increases sharply with excitement and exertion. As a result, the body gets used to the ups and begins to perceive the warning signs as the norm. Discomfort: fatigue, headache blamed on magnetic storms, but few people think that the reason for everything - hypertension.
 Suffers from hypertension large number of people, but only half of them monitors its own pressure and follows the recommendations of the doctor. The rest either do not know about the disease, or treated irregularly, not including hypertension serious problem. The constant increase in pressure causes a change in the smallest arteries - arterioles, which become swollen, thickened and the lumen narrows. To skip the required daily amount of blood the heart is forced to work with congestion.

At the first sign of malaise need to see a doctor. Blood pressure normally varies between 120 / 80-139 / 89 mmHg If tonometer records from 140/90 mm Hg - It is an alarming symptom.

Causes of hypertension are many: stress, overweight, smoking, alcohol, nicotine, lack of exercise, etc.. Smoking impairs blood circulation, increases blood pressure, try to quit. Excess pounds are an additional burden on the heart and blood vessels. Divide your weight (in kg) by the square of height (in meters). So you can calculate the body mass index, normal is 18-25. BMI greater than 30? This is the obesity and it is time to see a doctor.

Alcohol can be consumed in moderation, there is a possibility that it in small doses reduces the pressure. However, overdose has the opposite effect, so limit your consumption of alcohol is not more than 30 ml per day for men and 20 ml for women. Increase physical activity to 30 minutes a day. Less likely to use the elevator, go to the bus stop on foot, walking in the park on weekends.

For the prevention and treatment of hypertension can use different methods. One helps weight loss and exercise, other - tablets. Medicines that reduce the pressure, called antihypertensives. Many people need more than two types of drugs for one course of treatment. Do not rely on the advice of the pharmacist or neighbor in the home, the treatment may appoint qualified personnel only.

The doctor takes into account the magnitude of blood pressure, the risk of cardiovascular complications, comorbidities, and more. Even after normalizing the blood pressure do not stop treatment, so you will support pressure at a safe level. Unauthorized abandonment of medication can lead to heart attack or stroke, as well as cause rebound syndrome - a sharp jump in pressure above what it was before.

Heaviness in the head, nausea, chills hypertensive familiar with the experience. All this - the signs of approaching a hypertensive crisis. If up to this point in human pressure was normal, the crisis can happen on the figures of 140/90 mm Hg When this happens, that chronic hypertensive feel well and at a pressure of 180/100 mm Hg So the main indicator - the state of health of the patient.

If the pressure is increased, the first step is to sit or lie down, take the medicine. Necessary preparations should always be at hand. Most crises in some way connected with the experiences, so sedatives will be very handy. You can use motherwort, valerian, mint, valokordin. Good lower legs in a bowl with hot water, the procedure will help temporarily, before the arrival of the doctor, to reduce the pressure of 10-15 mm Hg

Discard fatty foods, eat more vegetables, herbs and fruits. Buy lean beef, veal, chicken without the skin. Drink vitamins, limit salt intake, do not abuse coffee.

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