What is anorexia and bulimia

What is anorexia and bulimia
 Often in pursuit of the perfect figure women forget about their health. All except the desired harmony, departs for them by the wayside. Often as a response to a question about the appropriateness of such victims can hear what their beauty needs. Sick stomach and intestine upset - that's not the worst effects of extreme weight loss. There are dangers scarier - is anorexia and bulimia.
 What is anorexia and bulimia, women often learn at an early stage of the disease. Although sometimes even in this case, some of them do not see a big sin to rid the stomach from eating unnatural way. So they are hoping to deceive hunger, but really fooling themselves.

Bulimia and anorexia takes only a fine line. First - this is the uncontrolled consumption of large amounts of food and then get rid of it by vomiting. As a rule, the act of bulimia is accompanied by a sense of guilt, refusal of food and use of laxatives and diuretics.

After several years of bulimia can develop into anorexia. However, anorexia can be a separate disease. It is expressed in a distorted perception of the figure. Fear of weight gain turns into pathology, and the desire to lose weight to bring women dystrophy. But even in that case, look in the mirror, they see those extra pounds.

And she and the other illnesses are psychological. Bulimia is often a means to relieve stress. Many adults with time appears habit "jam" problem, but do not stop to bulimiki until all the products in the home will not be eaten. And only then will come a time of repentance when a person bend over the toilet, eliminating the body from gravity, and at the same time and on the health.
There is a weakness, stomach pain, disrupted the intestine and kidney, straying menstrual cycle, suffers heart.

Lead to disease following factors: genetic predisposition, excess body weight, depression or alcohol dependency, low self-esteem, family conflicts, adolescence or adolescence, as well as the desire to conform to generally accepted standards of beauty, and plant glossy magazines and TV shows.

Many celebrities from the world of film and music suffer from bulimia and anorexia. Affected by high demands on the female figure that are due to unpleasant feature film and camera to increase the volume. To maintain harmony, the stars go to different victims. Someone is sitting on a special diet as Gwyneth Paltrow, who eats only nuts and legumes. Someone sits down on cocaine, as Kate Moss. And there are those who spend hours herding "extra" regular physical activity, turning cellophane, as do the dancers.

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