Preventive dentistry for kids

Preventive dentistry for kids
 Caries and other diseases of the teeth and mouth is possible at any age. Therefore, it is important to take your child to the dentist as soon as possible, as soon as he got his first teeth. Correct psychological approach to the pediatric dentist will help your child to establish a relationship of trust between doctor and patient a little, that in the future will be the basis bestrashnyh visits to the dental office.

With the advent of the first tooth should not be put off a visit to the pediatric dentist, he will teach how to properly care for oral toddler to prevent caries. The appearance of each tooth has a purpose: in the event of the upper and lower incisors kid will learn to bite, when there will be chewing teeth - chew, and with the advent of the canines - will begin to eat.

Health milk teeth - is the key to healthy teeth permanent. If a baby tooth, caries, is not treated, it can affect the development of permanent tooth germ, and it can grow crooked or already infected. Besides dental disease and affects children throughout the whole body. Not cured in childhood tooth can cause a variety of diseases: allergies, diseases of the upper respiratory tract, heart, kidneys, and can even lead to nervous disorders. Therefore, it is important not to run the children's tooth disease and time to contact pediatric dentist.

Modern children's therapeutic dentistry has a wide range of medicines that can make the procedure painless for most children. And the materials used in fillings, have bright colors or glitter effect, the baby will be able to choose the color of that may even become an occasion of pride over their peers.

Many parents do not keep their kids to the children's dentistry, remembering how they were treated in childhood, trying thus to protect the child from psychological trauma. Currently, dental clinics, specializing in working with young patients, doctors, dentists, not only, but also psychologists, who are trying to reach out to the kid. Bright interior of the cabinet, toys and images of your favorite heroes, calm and sympathetic doctor configured, all contribute to the establishment of a trusting relationship between the dentist and the child.

Do not put off going to the doctor with the baby, because when you change the milk teeth to permanent doctor can monitor the process properly and timely change, correct location of the permanent tooth in the jaw, and, if necessary, carry out the correction to prevent deformation.

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