Myositis: office disease

Myositis: office disease
 Modern man working in the office, almost spends all his time sitting and a sedentary lifestyle. An awkward position, hours of sitting at the computer, lead to the development of such diseases as myositis. The man at the same time experiencing pain and discomfort.

Inflammation of skeletal muscle - myositis, often in the early stages confused with osteochondrosis of the similarity of symptoms and pain in the neck and back.

Myositis - an inflammation of the muscle skeletal muscles, often he has a chronic course, manifests itself as a solid and very painful nodules within the muscles (trigger points), which at the slightest touch exacerbate pain.

Pain is aching in nature. It may increase even with a slight movement of the person. Often amazed muscles of the neck and back.

The disease can be acute or chronic.

Causes myositis, very much. It may be awkward movements, and infection, toxic substances and parasites, rheumatism, traumas.

In today's world it is a disease of representatives of "sedentary" jobs, because of the awkward situation forced.

If you do not pay attention to the myositis or wrong to treat it, it can develop polymyositis. If the affected muscles and joins the respiratory muscles, the person to his pain further still feel difficulty in breathing.

Stress and infections aggravate the course of the disease and myositis may take a chronic course.

Treatment must necessarily be comprehensive. It is worth remembering that prevent the appearance of this disease is much easier and safer than to treat it. To do this, take frequent breaks in the work. Change the position and fizkultminutki remove stress and fatigue. Be sure to be engaged in physical therapy, visit the swimming pool. Do not sit for a long time with his back to the air conditioning. Try to avoid injuries and infectious diseases.

Treatment, contact a physician or neurologist. After additional studies (X-ray, MRI), you will be prescribed a course of anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs and local warming up ointment), a vitamin. Physiotherapy (electrophoresis and UVR) and massage will help to quickly relieve pain and discomfort.

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