Menstrual migraine

 Dull eyes, gray face, wrinkled brows and analgesics in the stomach - this is the typical portrait of a woman suffering from headaches associated with the beginning of the menstrual cycle. In medicine, there is even such a thing menstrual migraine. What to do to mitigate or reduce these physiological suffering?

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"First - do not rush to seize pills! - Recommends a leading researcher GNITS Preventive Medicine Galina Kholmogorova. - Strictly follow the rule of three T: warm, dark and quiet. Bright lights, noise and cold will only reinforce the migraine.

On the most painful point of glue pieces of a simple patch (you can wear them all day long). Periodically massage the painful points at the temples, nape and crown. Repeat this process 3-5 times and you will feel relief.

Even in place, provide a warm head: Wear a woolen scarf bandage beret. You can for 15-20 minutes to apply on the painful area hard-boiled egg or warm bag of salt.

Since menstrual migraine is allergic in nature (protein breakdown unfertilized egg), when very severe pain not take analgesics, and some antihistamines. On this day, no washes, cleanups, sports and travel. If the beginning of the menstrual cycle fell at the beginning of the weekend - just lie at home. If not, then it is better to take a day off.

It did not work not to go to work? Then try to foreclose on that day all the things that are associated with concentration, analysis, in-depth understanding. Take care routine, as they say, "on the spinal cord."

In menstruating woman's body is particularly vulnerable to colds, which can in this period to more complications than usual. Especially on the female genitalia. Therefore, carefully follow along with their clothes and feet.

Remove high heels for a while, as if the pelvis is tilted forward, the organs are displaced and there is still swelling and internal Tacna, which will only exacerbate the pain.

In the menstrual period, women suffering from allergic diseases can be expected worsening of the disease. It is therefore particularly carefully follow the doctor and taking medication. Also, watch out for food.

Many products are themselves allergenic: carrots, strawberries, raspberries, egg yolk, etc. To avoid allergic reactions to refuse menstruating all products red - vegetables, berries, fruit, meat, chicken legs.

And again I ask women to consider whether they should turn off your menstrual migraine drugs analgesics. Just calculate how much you eat these drugs for a year (every year) and imagine with so many tablets should feel your blood, liver, kidney, stomach ...

We have to wonder after such regular "chemical attacks" that you feel weakness, indigestion, fatigue, and other ailments? ┬╗

Alexander Borisov

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