Influenza in the city

Influenza in the city
 An increased risk of getting the flu is maintained throughout the cold season, from late autumn to late spring. In contrast to the small towns and villages in the district of the spread of influenza has its own characteristics.

Influenza in the city lives by its own laws, and residents of big cities during the epidemic is extremely difficult to protect yourself from this dangerous infection. A distinctive feature of the spread of influenza virus in a big city - is its lightning speed. A large number of people on public transport, shops and teamwork - all factors that favor the rapid spread of the virus among the inhabitants of the metropolis.

 How can protect yourself and your loved ones from this dangerous infection?

For the prevention of influenza, there are specific and non-specific methods. Non-specific methods, as the name implies, are aimed at the general strengthening of the body's immunity and direct isolation of infectious agents. Specific methods exist for purposeful action on the influenza virus.

 Among the non-specific methods for the prevention of influenza, particularly popular wearing medical masks in crowded places. This principle is used in several countries for a long time and efficiently. Simple isolation inhaled air from human influenza virus - and your chances of remaining in service during the epidemic are greatly increased. It is only necessary to bear in mind that the filtering capability of the mask is held for about 2 hours, after which it must be changed.

 In addition to wearing a mask during a flu epidemic, special attention should be given a balanced diet. The food should contain all the necessary minerals and vitamins needed for the formation of natural immunity. Vegetarian infection during the burst is not recommended, animal proteins contain a number of amino acids necessary for the formation of antibodies to the virus in humans.

 Among the non-specific infection control practices should be noted bracing - hardening and physical training. Fortunately, in any city, there are not a dozen health centers, where you can choose an individual system to strengthen the body.

 Specific methods for the prevention of influenza vaccination and are receiving antiviral drugs. Vaccination usually is mandatory in institutions (kindergartens and schools). Many business leaders offer their employees free vaccines, it helps reduce the number of cases during the epidemic and prevent a decrease in performance. All other adults can take root from the flu in the clinic in the community.

 Acceptance of antivirals is recommended not only during the epidemic, optimally - for 2 weeks prior to the expected mass outbreaks. As a rule, the expectation of the epidemic began actively covered in the media. Range of popular means for the prevention of influenza wide, new drugs are available in almost every period of activation of influenza. Choose the appropriate antiviral drug for the prophylactic administration may at any pharmacy, pharmacists can recommend an effective tool.

 If, despite all your precautions to avoid disease failed, the most important thing - to be taken seriously to his condition. Despite the fact that the epidemic there every year and they somehow got used to the flu is fraught with complications. Every year even recorded deaths from flu complications. Therefore, you should not neglect caring for sick leave, pour into an active pace of life is possible only after complete recovery.

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