Homeopathy: curative pills

Homeopathy: curative pills
 In 1976, the German physician Samuel Hahnemann proposed a fundamentally different system of treatment, as opposed to traditional medicine - homeopathy (from the Greek homoios - «like", "same").
 The main principle of treatment with homeopathic remedies says - "This is healed like that." The essence of the therapy based on the use of microscopic drug doses that cause healthy people accumulate in the body in large quantities, the same symptoms of diseases against which in use. For example, cinchona, which effectively removes the attack of malaria, can cause fever, headache and sweating in a person not infected this tropical infection.

The disease homeopaths can not be cured, they are only trying to improve the constitution - the soil on which a pathological symptoms. During treatment, the disease suddenly retreats in itself - the body regains its vital functions or, according to Hahnemann, "recovering natural way for him."

This is manifested in this way: with just one drug disappear signs of several diseases at once. Reserve capacity of the organism is still not thoroughly studied medicine, so at any stage of the drug may have surprises that are often perceived as a miracle.

It is not necessary to self-medicate, it is better to find a qualified homeopath - from his experience, knowledge and intuition depends on the outcome of treatment. Homeopathic remedies are often better tolerated than other drugs. They do not have side effects. Not by chance they can be used even for pregnant women and young children.

That the drug has the desired effect, the physician should examine the individual patient and then combine this knowledge about the patient, professional knowledge, and regimen means.

Homeopathic preparations are commercially available, it is only necessary to purchase them in pharmacies. Be sure to ask your doctor how many packages you need to take in each case carefully and follow the instructions.

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