Classical homeopathy

Classical homeopathy
 Homeopathy - a therapeutic method, developed by German physician Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago. The basic principle of this treatment - "Such cures like." Specialist selects a homeopathic remedy for each patient, like his painful condition. Classical Homeopathy takes into account the activity of the whole organism and assigns to each patient individual treatment. Therefore ready complex homeopathic remedies sold in drugstores, usually do not help.
 Classical homeopaths base their practice on the laws established by the founder of homeopathy, Hahnemann. Doctors modern schools use these laws selectively or occasionally. Sometimes this is due to lack of fundamental homeopathic education or just elementary intellectual laziness doctor. Such homeopaths are more focused not on the patient and his illness, prescribe more drugs for the reception, etc. This is not much different from line method works in the clinic.

The representative of the classical school of first conducting a thorough survey of the patient, exploring all its constitutional features and selects the drug on the basis of the data obtained. He does not need to do any tests or other tests. The doctor then assigns only one active homeopathic preparation to receive (usually in high dilution). Classic never fails to appoint a complex preparation of the "Traumeel", "Galstena", "Job-kid" and the like. Following the appointment of a homeopath tells of concomitant treatment diet. It will closely monitor the progress of the reaction to the drug, without changing it unless absolutely necessary in the following methods. The most important thing in choosing a drug - it is the individual patient. The same disease in homeopathy require different homeopathic prescriptions for different patients.

The raw material for homeopathic medicines can be minerals, salts, acids, plants, fungi, insects and even poisons. In classical homeopathic pharmacopoeia has about 1,200 drugs. The most basic, which should be familiar to any homeopath - about 200. These drugs do not contribute to any alien body chemicals, do not stimulate or suppress. They only harmonize the condition of the body, its interaction with the world. Against the background of the successful treatment of homeopathic medicines person becomes healthier, there is energy, improves efficiency. In addition, expanding the horizons of thinking and creative abilities are revealed.

Classical homeopathic therapy is very good workaholics with constant stress, which once ill and treated. Chronically ill, unsuccessfully taking different chemotherapy drugs for a long time, too often turn to homeopathy and come to recovery. Effective assistance given to children with phobias, behavioral problems, as well as long and often ill.

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