The first meeting with his parents

The first meeting with his parents
 Finally happiness you smiled and you met the man of her dreams. Everything is just perfect, love is in the air, and all the free time you spend together, unable to break away from each other. There comes a time when a loved decides to introduce you to my parents. For some girls it's exciting, but long-awaited event, while the other members of the fairer sex upcoming meeting causes fear and panic. How not to fall face in the dirt and the closest people to like your young man - his parents?

Try not to be late for a meeting with the parents - it's bad taste. You can buy a small bouquet of flowers, a cake or other dessert for tea, do not skimp - Select expensive and high-quality product. Be friendly, calm and always smile, no matter what you will have a reception. This evening you better listen carefully guff and defiant statements are inappropriate here. Most likely, you will not be able to avoid questioning, answer briefly, without going into too much detail, unpleasant or controversial moments of your career so far is better omitted.

Think your way, do not forget that meet on clothes, and sometimes escorted too. If you have tattoos or piercings do not need to show their parents, at least not at the first meeting. Causing bright outfits, too useless, calm classic - a win-win if you love jeans, it can wear them, just pick them blouse relaxing neutral colors or plain white T-shirt, if you are a fan of sports style. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and do not have all the time to get nervous and correct clothing.

Most likely, you will be invited to the table. If you are offered alcohol - limit to one - two glasses of wine, so as not to lose control of himself and not said too much. Be sure to praise your cooking skills mistress, only to gasp in admiration is not necessary on every dish - be polite and sincere, easy praise better gross flattery. It is not necessary to sit up late, when caring thank the hosts for a pleasant evening.

Another important point - pre-arrange with her boyfriend about how you behave with his parents. Hugs, kisses and gatherings on his knees son did not please his mother, on the contrary, set it against you. Be kept and nice, light touch of hands will be enough.

By following these simple recommendations, you will make a good impression on his parents the young man. Who knows, maybe in the future they will become and your family.

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