Reasons for withdrawal, or a fabulous continuation will not happen!

Reasons for withdrawal, or a fabulous continuation will not happen!
 Of course, a strong family - it's wonderful! But in some cases, a woman begins to realize that family life becomes a torment, and help no one can. Which men's flaws can not be repaired? What could be the real reason for leaving?

1. Indifference. Delicacy - it's good, but if your partner does not interest your life, work, friends, fun, then it means that you have for him is not so expensive. If a man does not show any interest to you, then why should he be next to you?

2. Sensitivity. In this age of men too emotional man's tears did not surprise anyone. But always whining, whining whiner can not be your mainstay and support at a time when you need his help.

3. Excessive fashion. Of course, always fashionably dressed groomed handsome attracts attention and arouses interest. But think how much time and money it will spend on such good care of yourself? And will you have the time and energy it to communicate with you? A simple question.

4. frivolity. He says he loves you on the second day of our acquaintance, he crumbles into graceful compliments, promises eternal happy family life ... Most likely all he does is not the first time. Love - the feeling that only occurs with the passage of time, and this process can go on for many years. A real man does not say the word "love" for a reason.

5. Physical weakness. If a man in my life did not lift anything heavier than a pencil, the strong support of it can not be expected, not to mention the intimate side of marriage. A man should be a man, and not turn into a delicate interior decoration.

6. Lack of erudition. Of course, nobody requires a person of deep professorial knowledge, but if the male representatives confuses Van Gogh and Van Damme, an interesting conversation to have with him is unlikely to succeed.

Of course, whether or not to live next to a man, it's up to you. But at the end of life is very sad to realize that all its beauty, love and affection you have spent on the man who was not worthy of her.

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