Likes or uses?

Likes or uses?
 How often do women ask themselves: "He likes or uses? "And it does not matter - you associate with a man just nice meeting a couple of times a week or fifteen years of marriage. This issue may occur when a relationship like frozen at one point, have not been developed.

Every Tuesday and Saturday you meet a man, go to a restaurant or theater, then spend the night together, you do well together, it is sweet and gentle, and so for almost a year, but for some reason you suddenly increasingly feel emptiness, as if you cheated. Or in the fifteenth year of living together, setting husband plate with a hot meal, looking at his face tired after work, you suddenly think - and why he comes here every evening on the kitchen, which two months ago, repaired to the house - just because it's his house, too, and there is not, or does he love me?

If you have started to ask this question, then, most likely, in your relationship has problems. They can really be that easy man burdensome relationship, and you even like him, but then two or three meetings a month, he will not go, does not plan to be next to you, do not take into account your plans and is not concerned by your problems.

Or lives out of habit, like eating on rut - home, work, on weekends at the cottage, summer vacation. And thank you for a comfortable hostess is always at hand, the teacher of children and little secretary and maid.

Love, of course, understood by all in different ways, and can be of different types: from ardent passion to steady flame. However, loving person always deeply attached to the people she loves, sharing the grief and joy, being in tune with his mood.

If a man just comes on schedule, spends time with you, having sex, or daily gets his clean shirts, lunch, cleaned apartment and ready to listen to his wife, and he lives as a guest or lodger, then perhaps he really considers himself a guest in your life and the lodger in the house.

If a man does not show tenderness and care, if he is not interested in your life after the door closes behind him, then maybe your doubts are not unfounded, and it is really just a convenience to you.

It depends on you what to do if in this situation. You can try to test the feelings of your man, make him jealous or try to leave him. Can break the usual script, refuses to meet, to complain about the problem, or vice versa to do their business, leaving it for a while without the usual pleasure and convenience.

Look at his reaction and actions. After all, maybe so that you just have different emotional temperature, and the man sure if its all happy, and you say something, then you are satisfied. Maybe the change will help clarify the situation for you and himself that he really feels.

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