How to learn to flirt

How to learn to flirt
 Often such seemingly uncomplicated activity as flirting, causing a lot of controversy and resentment. It is not surprising, because the line between elegant and frank flirtation flirting so thin that it is not able to move only in a sophisticated speech and psychological game, people.

Cultivate the art of flirting and developed over many centuries, and at all times was considered unbeatable weapon in the game of love, and in the salon of secular life full of refined manners and affectation. But, in spite of the long history and tradition of resistance, this skill does not come easily, because to learn to flirt, you must have the subtlety of perception, attention and impeccable sense of proportion, so that, letting his natural coquetry, to remain within the low-key mystery.

Obviously, the ability to flirt conceals natural ability to skillful mental game, which is based, inter alia, on the art of dialogue, and the need to feel completely unmistakable mood interlocutor, and not let the conversation stray toward vulgarity and durnovkusitsa.

To learn how to flirt, many women's magazines, and experienced psychologists are advised to learn sign language, or at least to start his foundation. Very important intonation and voice tones - it is no secret that often is more important is not what is said, and as the saying goes. No less exciting and involving in the maelstrom of desperate flirtation becomes a voice, its sound and timbre. Oblivious to the fact that the voice has a powerful tool in the art of seduction, we lose the chief of his charm.

Of course, their contribution and bring such minor, seemingly elements like the smell and lighting. Exciting spicy scents and dimmed lighting will contribute to successful flirting exactly as long as it leads the couple did not accept the new rules of the game. However, overreliance effects can lead to a more intimate sphere of relationships than had been planned in advance. That is why flirting and is considered the highest point of reference exquisite craftsmanship dialogue with a slight touch of relaxed sexuality.

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