When sex is not a joy

When sex is not a joy
 Disorders of a sexual nature are not only for men but also for women. They paid less attention, since they are not as obvious as men and women do not interfere with sex. On the other hand, dissatisfaction in sex can lead to serious consequences, including chronic depression, so it is important to treat this matter seriously and timely resolve any issues.

Signs of sexual dysfunction in women is considered to be phenomena such as decreased libido, problems getting an orgasm, increased vaginal dryness, pain during sexual intercourse. Moreover, women are rarely recognized in that uncomfortable, and sometimes even imitate orgasm, so as not to upset partner. As a result, this behavior can lead to serious consequences, because any problem requires work on it, rather than silence.

According to many sexologists, the main cause of sexual disorders - psychological. For every woman needed a special approach to sex, many feel the uncertainty and dissatisfaction with their appearance. Often the problem lies in the lack of sensitivity partner, his unwillingness to pay attention to the needs of women. But man can not guess the problems if they are not voiced. If you have difficulty reaching orgasm, or pain, be sure to discuss this with loved ones, together you can try to find a solution and significantly improve sex life.

You may also be useful for the general improvement of the body. The transition to a more healthy diet, frequent exposure to fresh air, hiking - all this has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and health. Have a good effect and yoga classes, as they are, among other things, learn to focus on yourself and your feelings. There is also a women's yoga, in which great attention is paid to strengthening the reproductive system.

In addition, often the causes of sexual problems are rooted in an imbalance of hormones or inflammation of the genital organs. To restore sexual health in this case you need to consult a gynecologist who will prescribe treatment according to the symptoms and test results.

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