The Quickie

The Quickie
 Almost all women to be excited, it takes a long time. So nature intended. But this does not mean that they do not like a quickie. In lovemaking, as in any other business, need variety.  

Many women like long prelude. Gentle caress that every moment becoming more passionate and quick. Shortness of breath, strong hug, long kisses and sweet bites. Some believe that it is necessary before each sex. But long prelude is simply impossible due to lack of time.

Morning desire familiar to most men and women. And the weekend is not a problem. But in everyday life, when you are going to work with him to struggle. When a man loses what he wants, his mood worsens. And that means that a person who has not received a morning dose of sex can be all day in an irritable state.

You can draw an analogy with food. In the morning you had no time for breakfast. And you have had a meal in the evening. Or even the next day. It is unlikely that you will be comfortable. Sex is the same physiological need, like food. Therefore, we must find a way out of an unpleasant situation.

Quickie just such withdrawal. And do not think that the partner did not have fun. The fact that some women like themselves out. Quick sex can bring complete satisfaction woman. Especially if she feels your excitement.

This is a good variety in sex. After long foreplay can be boring. And then both partners may want something a little more hard. Quick sex is useful not only in the mornings. Wherever you did not catch the desire, begin to embody it. Adrenaline and unfamiliar surroundings bring a lot of positive emotions.

Sometimes all need physical and emotional discharge. And sex excellent means to obtain it. Quick sex is certainly not a panacea for all the problems and worries. But he can improve mood and person relax a little.

Do this in a hurry, when there is no time when you are in the wrong place, or when you simply will want to. You and your partner can get a lot of unusual and pleasant sensations.

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