Terms of familiarity with his parents

Terms of familiarity with his parents
 Your meeting was fateful. You fell in love and have full confidence in the seriousness of his and his feelings. So, soon you will be an important step - to get acquainted with his parents.
 Good relations with the family of a young man depend on the impression you will generate for them when we first met. To avoid embarrassment in communicating ask in advance the names of all family members. Ask your man about hobbies and interests of the parents. With this knowledge, you can keep the conversation going.

Lightness and ease in communication - a pledge that you like his family. But do not be too frank. Listen more than talk. So you can better assess the situation and to fit into it. Smile. Even the stern parent will not be able to resist the charming smile.

As for clothing, avoid frank and ultra - trendy outfits. To explore with parents the best fit the classic style of clothing. Skirt or dress of medium length will make you more feminine.

Being alone with his parents, it may be awkward. However, this does not happen if your young man will not leave you for a long time. In any case, you should not get lost. Eliminate the awkwardness of the situation, you can request a family album or show to talk about his childhood favorite.

Show that you are not only a nice girl, but also a good housewife. To do this, ask the help of his mother during lunch or dinner. For example, you can set the table or cut lettuce.

By the way, you can try to predict how will behave in the future, your boyfriend. It is enough to look at his parents and how they communicate with each other. Sons often adopt behavior pattern fathers.

If you are going to leave, say goodbye to all and thank you for a wonderful evening. Mother to express special gratitude for delicious meals. Can learn the recipe of a treat. It will be nice to her.

Establish a warm relationship with his family for the first day of our acquaintance. So you can be sure that in this house you will always be welcome.

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