Recipes perfect sex

Recipes perfect sex
 Sex plays an important role in our lives and in addition to pleasure brings enormous benefits to the body. But, unfortunately, good sex for many people remains a problem, though, in fact, need to pay more attention to this process. Sex - is an art that requires some training, mutual desire, and most importantly - sincere feelings.

Many couples are faced with a lack of understanding of each other in bed. Sometimes it turns into a huge problem with the ensuing consequences: bad mood, nervousness, irritability, depression, and, in the end, people are starting to cool to each other. How is it that make your intimate life harmonious and pleasant?

First of all, do not force yourself to do it, just to please your partner, otherwise work may end in failure, and it began. In general, it is better to talk more to each other: if one partner does not like posture, speed, depressing atmosphere, and the other from this ecstatic worth correct to talk about it and find an alternative to the next time all were satisfied. After such a wonderful occupation as sex is multifaceted and provides a great opportunity.

If the couple decided to arrange a memorable night, you should prepare for it a little.

Firstly, it would be nice to cook a delicious dinner (you can even together), but not too rich: it is better to cook the meat instead of the traditional light fish with vegetables, fruits, desserts, which can then be used to intimate heating. Alcohol abuse is not worth a glass of dry wine is perfect to open this evening.

It is necessary to prepare in advance bedroom: light a candle or a few lights, the lighting was dim. This will give not only romantic, but also perfectly "will lead" partners who will not only feel, but exciting to see silhouettes of each other. You can stock up on aromatic oils that will excite each other passion, include soft music to dilute the silence, but not too loud so you can hear the sighs and moans excite each other.

Shared decision-soul - a great tool to warm up, but it is better to prolong the pleasure. And by the way, good to delay the preludes that men are so fond avoided. Do not rush, it is better to caress each other gently and slowly, not giving each other to take over. At the same time gentle whisper and light touch will add fuel to the fire.

But if a woman "like ears," that for a man to be a nice present to see a woman in a beautiful erotic lingerie, and if it is deprived of this beautiful and linen, the warranty on a beautiful night grow to the maximum.

Though, probably, the best recipe for a perfect sex remain sincere feelings to your loved one, care, caring, and most importantly - love.

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