Love or Love?

Love or Love?
 Often happens that after the wedding, with eyes like scales fall. The young husband suddenly with surprise, quickly turning into shock, reveals: his beloved does not what seemed before! Similarly, the young wife may suddenly see that "beautiful noble prince" existed only in her imagination, but in reality it is not so. Why is this happening? After all, had the same love.

The fact that people often confuse love with love. Despite the similarity of names, they are different concepts! Love occurs quickly, the same love only comes with time. Sometimes a girl so like the guy at the first meeting that he literally elated: here it is, the best in the world! He genuinely seems that he loves her, but in reality, it is not love, but love. The one that prevents a person to look at the object of his passion objectively look at it not only advantages, but also disadvantages.

Of course, without love can not be love! Just as the flame can not ignite without first outbreak of fire, sometimes barely perceptible. But before the first passionate love turns into true love, be sure to pass some time. Sometimes relatively fast, sometimes very long.

Tend to love "in the clouds", life seems to them a carefree, difficulties and problems - distant abstraction. They idealize literally everything and everyone, first of all - each other. That is why at the slightest encounter with the harsh reality they may fall into confusion and suddenly see that the elect (fiancee) - not ideal.

The real love is much less prone to idealization. Of course, it is not without some embellishment, but still worth it to reality. Therefore, she is not afraid of difficulties and life's adversities. In most cases, they only make it stronger.

Anyone who loves truly feels and responsibility. This will encourage him to achieve success in life, to professional and creative growth. A loving person will not waste life in vain. He certainly try to reach the heights in some area. And in this case it will inspire love.

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