Love Is Like a madhouse ...

Love Is Like a madhouse ...
 Love, for all its versatility the unknown, so unique that sometimes presents the most striking surprises, turning, if not a complete tragedy, at least, a tragicomedy.

No wonder the ancients claimed that the state is similar to the madness of love, and loving man as inadequate in certain respects. And even if you do not overdo it the well-known axiom, a picture of some of refraction of consciousness in love there. After falling in love, we cease to sensibly evaluate different situations and relationships, we are not inclined to analyze and reflect on a number of important things. We do not see her beloved obvious shortcomings, and think themselves perfect and unique. And it does not matter how bright our presentation differ from reality, in the happy madness we do not agree to notice the obvious, if it is not commensurate with our short-term vision.

But even if we do not take into account those pink blinders that rewards our love, obscuring the gray and dreary reality, we observe certain phenomena - actions that we never would have made without being in love. Funny and touching at times there are changes in the manners and behavior of people in love. This is an impressive and imposing official, rolling around with laughter with his young lover in a baby swing or severe classy lady dropped the mask of rigor and gentle voice gentle babbling little words in your ear the object of his adoration. Falling in love, we fill wanton laugh, smile at passers-by, sentimentality, weeping on the cartoon "Cinderella", we so easily hurt and confuse. From overwhelm us happiness, we are ready, as a child, jumping on one leg and screaming all its joy. Love really changes us and makes us better, although sometimes these sudden transformations and could be perceived as a revelation falling into childhood or completely insane state.

And who knows, maybe crazy really happy in his mental affliction, but the one who is in love, would never trade this fleeting feeling or common sense or the most talented minds, nor the Nobel Prize.

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