Lie or not to lie to a man?

Lie or not to lie to a man?
 Taught from childhood that lie - not good. But with age comes the realization that there are situations when you do not lie almost impossible. So people suffer from age to age, thinking that it is better: to tell everyone the truth is not always pleasant or mitigate reality. Especially such doubts peculiar to women. After all, they are sometimes too emotional, wind and tend to hide anything.

Life with a woman full of surprises. Most of them also can not count how many points they would like to hide from others. Though they love to chat, but you know how to keep "his mouth shut." And even the beloved man will not be able to get in some corners of the heart of his lady without her consent. But something absolutely secret randomly and independently from you may become apparent. And then the question is: "What should I do? Lied or tell the truth?". Of course, anything is always easier to invent.

That's just not possible that one lie drags along a string of lies. There is too great a risk tangled in the 'web' own imagination. But force yourself to speak always the truth for any normal person will seem almost impossible. This throwing "between two fires" might bring to depression. Therefore, to avoid extremes lay the situation "on the shelves."

Think about how serious the problem. For example, if you hide the fact that the car broke his men, the admission of guilt, of course, will be difficult. But how would you not want to take the blame, it is better to repent - because inevitably the truth "will come up" to the outside and, most likely, "will result" in a huge brawl.

But there are times when you, for example, went to lie to cover up the betrayal. Perhaps this moment, really, is not worthy of publicity. Firstly, infidelity, certainly hurt your loved one. Secondly, destroy your relationship.

Thus, about some very serious misconduct better lie. We should not bring himself to a nervous breakdown on what conscience is troubled. If you become aware of making a mistake and sincerely repented it, this lie will be fiction, but not meanness.

Most importantly, understand that "sleep", do not need to avoid lying about without it, only if absolutely necessary, you can alter reality.

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