How to overcome fear when meeting

How to overcome fear when meeting
 All people are different. Someone very easily given acquaintance and communication, while others, on the contrary, is experiencing great difficulties. At the thought that it is necessary to approach a stranger, speak to him, their covers embarrassment, anxiety, in the most severe cases, taking the form of phobia. These people give the impression of closed, even arrogant, because of what to them disapprove of the surrounding. How to solve this problem?
 Resort to auto-suggestion. Repeat to yourself, "Just because I come to this man, say hello and ask something, nothing terrible will happen! "In fact, if you talk to a stranger calm, polite tone, does he treat you unkindly, does not want to communicate? The vast majority of people are willing to answer your question. And then, suddenly, to start up a conversation.

As little as possible torment yourself thinking: "How do I look? "" And if not seem funny? "" And if I do not find it tactless, intrusive? "The difficulties with communication arise from overly shy, impressionable, people. They always think that they misunderstand that they will make mistakes, and in an absurd, ridiculous situation. Try to not to think so. Instead, inspire yourself: you - an ordinary man, with their advantages and disadvantages. Do not mistake the only one who does not do anything.

Find a suitable phrase that will be appropriate to start a conversation. For example, the company has a random (excursion group, fellow travelers in the compartment, etc.). What could be more natural than to say with a kind smile: "Let's get acquainted! "Introduce yourself, shake hands with others. As the saying goes, "the ice is broken." From then on will be much easier to keep the conversation going.

Increasingly, literally force yourself to communicate. Talk with sellers in shops, for example. Ask to show you some goods, specify its characteristics. Even if you are not going to buy it. Refer questions to passers-by. Praise the young child, which is the handle for a walk mother or dog that walks-old woman pensioner. You will be surprised to see how easily fastened conversation. And the more such examples will be in your practice, the faster and easier to disappear fear of dating. You sure: nothing complicated, and even more dangerous in this.

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