How to keep love

How to keep love
 People every day hard working people to preserve their love, will never say that they are unhappy. Although not everyone is ready to make so much effort. But only so long until they realize that their love begins to slip, as the sand out of the hands.
 At the beginning of any relationship, everything seems wonderful and incredible. The euphoria is so great that people seriously think that their love is magical and eternal. But after a certain amount of time when life returns to normal, are beginning to realize that not everything is rosy. So to preserve the love you need to work hard. This will help set out below tips.

Maintain a good exchange of ideas. Most misunderstandings, quarrels and insults that destroy love, hiding behind the fact that the family is not accepted to share their feelings and express them openly. Many people think that if they keep silent, then the argument will not. But if you talk quietly about their point of view and tell what kind of feelings in you cause certain words or actions, then you will be able to understand each other and to avoid that provokes strong emotions.

Avoid criticism. Constant caustic remarks and discontent against his half can fight off any desire to do anything at all. Criticism corrodes the human inside and empties it. Instead of criticizing, gently help mate to correct.

Keep personal space. When the lives of two people Focusing only on each other, they are somewhat limited in their views and outlook. No matter how perfect your relationship, plan some studies performed separately from each other. For example, men can go to the gym, relax with friends in the bath, go fishing, etc. And women would be useful to do needlework, relax with friends in a cafe, go bowling or do something like that.

Be responsible. Strong relationships are built on the knowledge that everyone has not only the right but also the many duties that should be followed. For example, to preserve the love must work both, not just one pull burdens. And indeed, in the words of Saint-Exupery: "We are responsible for those who have tamed." Although it should be noted that we should not take the responsibility impossible. If there is something you can not afford - have the courage to admit it. After all, honesty will also help you keep love.

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