How to keep a good relationship

How to keep a good relationship
 Relationship between two people of different sexes are always going through different stages of development, they are not always go from good to better. Smart couples can keep their tender feelings and prevent the occurrence of quarrels and conflicts. It's not that difficult to do, but it is important to act together, clearly realizing that you have to improve and to compromise.
 When the lovers begin to live together, it is difficult to ignore the differences in upbringing and lifestyle. Genesis and other mundane stuff begin to occupy too much space in your relationship. To this period did not last for your couple, to be sensitive and tolerant to each other. Calmly, list the things that you find unacceptable, and those that you perceive is quite easy.

In the first list can be the following items: Wearing socks scattered everywhere, a large amount of alcohol consumed, long chatter on the phone, trash can "scratch and sniff" insufficient material contribution to the common household. But the second from people loving each other will be more extensive. You can not wash the dishes that evening, arranging film session on a cozy sofa. You calmly react to the fact that your partner will store apples instead of pears stated.

Understanding will help you maintain excellent relations. Learn to talk about everything, to discuss their affairs and problems, consult on your concerns. So there is a sense of a strong rear, the desire to return home to a loved one. Enter the position of partner, always in some controversial situations put yourself in the shoes lover. You'll be surprised how much less will you have a desire to quarrel.

Do not forget to give each other lovely gifts and make pleasant surprises. Love notes and SMSes are good at any time of the day, not just on Valentine's Day. Taking care of the beloved will not cool your senses. Podotknite blanket that guy is not cold. Prepare his favorite dish, when a man is not in the spirit. Treat him tickets to the film he wanted to see.

Take care of variety in your sex life, sometimes visit shops for adults, listen and try to comply with requests to each other. This side of life together is very important, and many couples parted because of misunderstanding needs of the partner. Do not hesitate to express their desires and enjoy intimacy.

Maintain good relations just when loving people have such an intention, and they are ready to do everything for this.

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