Sex, when a quarrel turns into foreplay

Sex, when a quarrel turns into foreplay
 It often happens that after a quarrel woman and a man just throw themselves at each other and start a stormy and passionate sex. Why, after mutual insults and affronts want to make love? In this case, there are certain psychological mechanisms that evoke desire and in such situations. After the conflict - is nothing but aggression, which very often is associated with sexual desire.  

The higher during the showdown passions, the more there is excitement, which can test these swears.

Conflict can afford "equalize" the strength to people with different temperaments. The holder of a violent temper quarrel will "blow off steam", at the same time the most quiet partner, feeling a surge of aggression, excited much stronger than in everyday situations with emotional smooth background. In this quarrel can alienate people from one another. In this case, when you swear with your loved ones, you are not the same doves, who are willing to coo day in flight, and not tuned to compromise and hostile sovereign states. It would seem that the situation is far from romantic, but some (even most people), it can cause a huge storm of emotions. Becoming a little alien, you suddenly become each other's most attractive - like a stranger who does not bind and not burdened with some common problems.

If you are used to in the midst of an argument pounce on each other, you risk to accumulate a large number of claims unspoken and unresolved contradictions, and for the relationship is very detrimental. Passion passion, but to love games should begin only after you reach any result in the negotiations. After all, sex is not able to resolve a challenge and just give you a little leeway. Gradually the storm of emotions subside, and you find yourself at this time difficulties face to face, on which, as you might have thought you had just escaped.

Maybe in another way: the moment when the insults and innuendo become indifferent to both of you and among you there is only the desire not persist and make love, and then you can finally be able to discuss everything, then from that moment begins the process your reconciliation. This unusual situation that really can quickly reconcile the two spouses.

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