Sex under the laws of the Tao

Sex under the laws of the Tao
 Taoist art of love was formed over the centuries. Its main idea is that sexual energy is the source of life. This energy can save and hoard to improve its properties.

According to Taoist laws, the basis of all things is the relationship of yin and yang, male and female. Loving relationships are a way of transformation of consciousness, and sexuality - the spiritual path.

Sex deemed necessary for the spiritual well-being. Especially valuable men, able to satisfy your partner and make love often and long.

In the west, it is believed that the male orgasm is certainly associated with ejaculation and multiple orgasms test given only to the elite women. One of the goals of the Tao is the ability to achieve multiple male orgasm without ejaculation, at the same meeting the woman repeated.

Men's semen is considered sacred - it should be protected and not simply spend (only when conceiving a child). Daostsy believe that if the seed is stored, then release the energy that will benefit the entire body of men.

There are lots of techniques and exercises to achieve this goal. Here are some of them.

Exercise 1. You need to get up, put his feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent. Breathe deeply, her hands on her hips. Next, take a 50 progressive movements pelvis back and forth. Then rotate the pelvis to the right 25 times and 25 times to the left. Perform each exercise 2 times a day, making sure that the head and shoulders remained motionless.

Exercise 2: It's called "Synchronized breathing" and is breathing technique during intercourse. When one partner breathes - the second is to exhale, and vice versa.

Exercise 3: This is one of the methods of detention ejaculation. When approaching a critical moment testicles, however, catching up to the base of the penis. At this point, you need to almost completely remove the penis and testicles hand to push down and pull a little scrotum hand.

4. It is based on a rhythmic thrusts during intercourse: 9 and 1 small deep. According daostsy at such a rhythm, you can achieve the highest mutual enjoyment.

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