Ex-girlfriend of my men

Ex-girlfriend of my men
 Everyone has a past, their victories and defeats, stories of friendship and love. We think that these stories are long over and live only in memories. But sometimes the past returns, and at exactly the wrong time and in the most unexpected form. For example, the ex-girlfriend of your men.

- Honey, who is this?
- This is Tanya (Katya, Masha, Glasha), my ex-girlfriend, meet.
You look at her sweet smile, and you begin to like this situation less and less. Cute and like even clever, cute (and maybe pretending), but it's all the details. You are also very cute, smart and nice girl. But this is not a beauty contest. The question is, what she took from your guy?

 The situations are different:

1. Maybe she just got bored and she is very sociable person without complexes, and your guy (her ex) for her just moved into the category of old friends. So she is going to be friends with both of you. But we all know that there is no friendship between a man and a woman.

2. She really needed his help or advice. Still, they had once had a lot in common. She got her and disappear from your horizon.

3. She decided to try to return her ex-boyfriend (your present), and you move to the side.

Of all the options safest would be the second option. But the first and third options should you much trouble. Yes, there is not to be envied. Well, that, in war as in war - all good.

Just do not make a scene right to your poor thing. And so he's probably embarrassed. And categorically demands like these "That I did not see her again! "Is not necessary. You do not know the whole truth about their relationship. Maybe then he no longer wants to see is you. Always conduct yourself with dignity and respect towards her. This will get you a tremendous advantage.

However, the ex-girlfriend should disappear from your horizon. Try to get rid of your boyfriend and yourself from its cultural society. Just let her know who's the boss of the situation. And with her man be a sweet, affectionate and helpful. Let him once again to celebrate what a treasure he got.

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