Errors in behavior, or where love is gone?

Errors in behavior, or where love is gone?
 The number of divorces in our country already exceeds the number of weddings. Looking at the magnificent wedding procession, many passers-by just sad grin: "Let's see what you will be in three years." Often the reason that yesterday's lovers become strangers to each other, there are errors in the behavior of his wife when she ceases to feel and position yourself as a woman.

Some women who, as psychologists say, a child battered little parental love and attention shifted desire to prove that they are good, and into adulthood. This woman is always too diligently, she increased demands on themselves and their achievements. She is constantly waiting for her appreciate and praise and panics if its efforts will be noticed. The man was just tired constantly maintain it self-esteem, and, worse, it gradually begins to manipulate.

Excessive solicitude, when the wife of the beloved becomes a loving mother, also to no good will not. The care of her husband, of course, be necessary, but it should not be excessive. Do not forget that your husband - the head of the family, on whose shoulders rests the responsibility for it, and not a little boy, each step of which must be controlled.

Sometimes a woman is too active. It was she who takes care of all the functions of generating ideas, denying the possibility of a man something to offer and robbing him space for self-realization. Instead of completely trust him and give their business to demonstrate the quality, it takes all the decisions about the upcoming holiday, travel, repairs, without asking the views of her husband.

Does not paint a woman and too aggressive when it instantly can turn into fury if its rights as it seems somewhat prejudiced. She will not ignore anything and can start a skirmish everywhere - in public transport, and in the restaurant. Even if it is obvious rightness, the style of behavior just makes her blush for her husband.

The fundamental error of these women, that they can not afford to just be his beloved wife - subject of special care, custody and love her husband. This behavior provokes and that men are beginning to forget about your best qualities that remain unclaimed. Not all of them are like that, so they prefer to get a divorce, you do not lose their masculine nature.

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