Enemies sex

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 Most people are familiar with this family problem - sex marriage somehow gradually recedes into the background. And if before you constantly want each other, trying at every opportunity to indulge in amorous pleasures, then a couple of years of marriage number of moments of intimacy became tend to zero. You come home tired, redo a lot of cases and sit in front of TV, sinking into a state of suspended animation. This is wrong! Urgent need to change the situation.

According to psychologists, full sex - the basis of strong family. And to deal with the causes of its absence, is possible and necessary. How to do it? Necessary to identify the five most bitter enemies of sex and launch an attack on them.

The main enemy of sex is, of course, television. Therefore, it stands at number one in the alarm list. And not just because the view of numerous TV shows, endless football matches and tearful series takes a long time. The main thing - during that releases hormones excitation. That's why them and not enough on intimacy. Dependence is directly proportional to the longer and more frequent view, the less force to have sex.

Number two enemy of sex, of course, life. They tend to be loaded with women very much. And what kind of passion in bed can be a speech when his wife after numerous household duties and childcare squeezed like a lemon? Of course, in this case the bottom of her erotic fantasy - quickly put my head on the pillow and fall asleep. The Man. Who wants to have quality sex marriage, must help his wife, unloading it from everyday problems and constant thoughts about daily bread.

The third enemy of sex - trivial stress. And so many of them in life, especially family: problems of a material nature, concern for children, but who knows what else! However, you can not give the nerves to drive themselves into a corner. Remember, any problem should be seen as a problem to be solved. And all the difficulties it is necessary to pronounce with a loved one. Then you bring closer more and the problem sooner or later find a solution.

The fourth enemy of sex - work. If you - a fan of it, building a successful career, this, of course, beautiful. But within reasonable limits. After all, how to be the shining heights nor led eventually your family these efforts, they take a lot of time and effort. And if the second half is always alone, the habit of sex gradually disappears, especially in women. And it is - at best. At worst - the plant lover. So if you want to avoid losing relationships, build your schedule so that devote time partner.

Fifth enemy of sex - is, oddly enough, my friends. Of course, it is not necessary to delete them from the life. But to limit the time and attention that is paid to a friend, you must. After all, the family is not less need them in your presence. What kind of regular sex can be discussed if every free minute you try to spend with friends? Devote time and energy to your loved one. And this attention will pay off.

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