Complexes in sexual relations

Complexes in sexual relations
 Perhaps no aspect of human life is so firmly associated with the complexes as intimate life. And although it is said a lot, the situation does not change in a hurry, because fraught with a lot is not completely unravel shades and nuances.

Reasons nucleation complexes in sexual relations is not about one volume of scientific research, and only a professional psychologist under the force of a careful and delicate treatment. However, a number of the most common and, as they say, lie on the surface of the complexes under force to get rid of any sensible modern man.

According to statistics, the most frequently occurring complex is considered discontent own appearance, which is equally susceptible to both sexes. Excessive or insufficient weight, figure flaws and skin condition - all these and other factors can dominate a man, turning his love life in a painful, causing modesty and restraint process. At the same time, everyone is well aware that the sexual partner, all these features are well known and are not obstacles to continue the relationship. And in this case, should probably be more tolerant to yourself and do not let their own fears and negative emotions interfere with genuine desire and pleasure.

Widely known as a common set of men of their own inadequacy. In this case, an adult man need only one fear only to make a reality of this fact maloradostny. But since the true causes of such failures are rooted not in the physiological apparatus, as many think, but deep in the subconscious level, this complex has a pretty strong and solid roots. The solution of these problems can and should be devoted to the work of both partners.

Joint efforts couples to overcome the complex in the intimate life, above all, should be aimed at emancipation and awareness of their own attractiveness to each other. In this case, would be useful role play as a great chance, examples of uncharacteristic role itself, be active and originality. It is worth and joint viewing of erotic cinema literate, opening unlimited possibilities for the realization of their own fantasies, and most importantly - discuss their preferences and tastes with a partner. Mutual willingness to open up to each other, the use of seductive lingerie and various sex toys, candor and utmost confidence will help to get rid of the painful mass complexes, whereas the isolation and lack of dialogue, on the other hand, will be deprived of the intimate life of paints and opportunities for self-realization in this award-winning career.

Anyway, for whatever specific complexes is the question, and no matter what their true background, consequences and manifestations can be generalized - a constraint of thought and behavior that are closed in themselves and their experiences, which will certainly lead to the transformation process is incredibly beautiful copulation into mechanical work to meet the physical needs. This alone is worth consideration to all the forces his will to fight to the presence of complexes in their sexual lives.

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