Can you prevent treason?

Can you prevent treason?
 One of the most common reasons for break up of the family, is a betrayal of one of the partners. This excuse does not spare anybody: he invades life and still very young people, only started to get to know each other and build their relations, and long-lived mature couple together. Attempts to restore the lost confidence often end in failure, but it does not mean that it is impossible to deal with betrayal. Its hard to forget, or to prevent, but can be prevented.  

Among other causes of high treason, and referred to a certain age, different in men and women. Many even justify such a way, this phenomenon, arguing that you can not fight with nature. Still, such a remark is not entirely true. After all, along with those who are tempted to look for diversity in relationships on the side, there are a lot of people that successfully meet or ordeal and did not colliding with him.

The explanation is quite simple, and it lies in the key word - "diversity". To any external cause for infidelity, its roots are almost always rooted in the lack of novelty and depressing monotony of everyday life. Every day see next to each one and the same person - the weary, shook, as if wrapped in a cocoon of everyday problems and issues - a difficult test. Perhaps that's why men cheat more often than women. Newest difficult to break the cycle plaguing their everyday worries, and if under the weight of the constant need to make decisions they do not notice some uniformity of everyday life, then their second half, not so much involved in running the household, the behavior of their wives acts depressing.

And so we can talk about the main way to prevent infidelity. Moreover, this effect - rather a consequence, it is possible that there is even broader operation of the process. He has great psychological significance for man: you must learn not to stop the development, and constantly move forward and grow in height, and depth. Lack of time, many justify the neglect of his own appearance or refusal to work in favor of housekeeping. However, it is no revelation will be that in order to achieve something, you just need very much want ... and to achieve.

Successful and vibrant women and men exude confidence and happiness, but what is the reason? From that position, which they have done? No. This is due to the overall harmony of their internal state, ongoing work on oneself. Human nature is not peculiar to shut down the sink, and any attempt to do so leads to the destruction of the inner world. And turn away from such a man leave his wife and friends. It is necessary to seek the assistance of rational egoism and force myself to believe that in life there is a place for beauty, and for recreation, not just for work. Becoming interesting for yourself, you will become interested in others and the other half does not even tempted to look at someone else.

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