When your partner wants to control. All

When your partner wants to control. All
 Occur in the life of the people who always want to control everything. Now I have to work there is such a person. Zero sense from him, but he is in control. It turns out he is perhaps best. How to build a relationship with such a person?
So, you're lucky to fall in love. And like your feeling is mutual. Here are just there in your new companion something resembling your parents. Responsibility? Caring? Unconditional acceptance? Oh, no - control.
There are people who like to control everything. Basically, it's a good idea if we are talking about work and life: such people really know how to keep everything under control: finance, plan for the future work of household appliances. And indeed, everything - including your relationship. Do you want this? That's right, you do not want. But how to recognize it - is the question.
Correctly only their opinion and no one's more.
Your partner is constantly insists on the right? He believes that the best can be only his opinion and no one's better? He does not even try to listen to your point of view, because it does not accept the existence of alternatives as such. Well, with high probability before you typical "controller", which not only knows everything, but also knows everything better than you.
They have a schedule.
These people control not only others, but also his own life - because they have a schedule! Someone is firmly seated in the head, and someone does not hesitate at times to get a leaflet from his pocket and checked the clock, what's next on the plan. In the morning jog and breakfast, then work (at work has a separate schedule of meetings, relevant businesses and even a coffee break), then they have classes in the sports section, then dinner, a walk, reading, socializing with family ... The same will be happen to your relationship: right now you have scheduled candy buketny period, and then will be burning passion, and then tender, then the family ... And all this set aside a certain amount of time, and nothing you do about it will not be able, because of the romantic period, you have exactly 3 months.
They like to feel important in a relationship.
Healthy relationships are built in two equal partners who bring them something of their own. But if your partner wants you to heed his every word that looked up to him to consider his absolute authority in your relationship, you should think about - if he wants to take control of your life over.
You need them.
Controlling person does not always completely independent. At first, you like that every half hour your favorite calling you just to say "Hi" or ask how things were going; but soon this relationship starts to weigh on you: you become unpleasant for the umpteenth time to answer that all you have to order, and you even a bit awkward in front of colleagues. Be careful - a continuing need for an adult you could just be a clever manipulation, because you will feel a sense of guilt, because if you hurt someone. Do not let this: every man is responsible for his life.
They are very critical. In relation to you.
Another way to control the other person is an understatement of his self-esteem. Constant criticism of his partner, assurance that no one else he will never need that he should be grateful that it is not left alone, will take possession of the manipulator feelings of your partner. And that, in turn, will sooner or later believe that there should be grateful to his savior, and will come in addition to about all issues.
They are very jealous.
Controlling person often feels insecure in the relationship. He always seems to be that the partner is about to start his deceive, if not already started. That is why it is important to know about your every movement, and if something seems strange to him, he will not fail you on this report. Sometimes in a very rude manner.  
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