As the time to understand that it's not him

As the time to understand that it's not him
 There is a beautiful legend, which states that every person has a half - another person who created especially for him. Each task - to find their loved one who is his half and with whom he will be happy forever. As in every legend there is a grain of truth. But how to avoid mistakes and time to understand that it was not he, when you've just started dating a guy?

See how a person is required and reliable. If he generously gives promises, but does not execute them and do not even remember what you promised, it can talk about his selfishness. For it is not terrible to bring another person, so it can not be relied upon, nor hope.

Please note, if he is attentive to their loved ones, as it applies to them. If he does not notice and do not appreciate the attention and love that gets them, the same way he does not appreciate your efforts and and a good attitude. He perceives that receives from others for granted, but to respond in kind can not.

Many perceive as a manifestation of love and jealousy, suspicion, arising out of nowhere for no reason, but in fact it will be very difficult if you're constantly forced to justify and convince him that you are faithful to him and love him. It can get bored very quickly.

Even if you're a girl wealthy and quite capable to pay for joint trips to the cinema and cafés, give him the opportunity to show their generosity. Nobody is talking about expensive gifts and posh restaurants, but he should be able to do a little pleasant joy for you, all the more so, if you wish, you can find options to suit every pocket.

This is not your man, if he starts to show off their success with women and talk about his ex-girlfriend. Here immediately and unequivocally to interrupt all relations not to become the heroine of his jokes, when you do this too late.

Masculinity, of course, also fine, but her kindness have to hide and ability to empathize and help other's grief and distress. Note his friends and communicate it to them. Note that friends know him a lot longer than you, so even if love makes you subjectivity, their attitude to your guy, you can always evaluate the real.

Of course, if it's tough, hurt you, or raised his hand, then do not expect that he later corrected, even if it is full of remorse. If this occurs, discontinue all relations with him and try to stay away from that person.

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