What men want

What men want
 Understand the nature and desires of men, many women seek. Particularly want it, those who live with her lover under the same roof. Answer the question "what do men want" tried to psychologists who study their behavior over the years.
 The relationship between a man and a woman are based on the different schemes. The most common of these is that women truly believe in their identity as men and therefore are trying to give him what they want to get themselves. But this is not quite true, because the weak and strong fields have significant differences in their needs. Thus, the representatives of the strong part of humanity often want next.

Be fit

Feeling that it needs someone makes a man stronger. This is what gives meaning to his existence, operation and all other matters. Thank her man for committing the act, keeping promises and any help - a reaction to his actions will wish to continue to do more for his beloved.

Feel free

This feeling is strong floor just need, and for those who have lost this part of marrying or having got a serious relationship, freedom is not flirting with other women, but the desire to stay aloof from their halves. The majority of the stronger sex is a kind of "cave" in which he goes to reflect, through the difficult times, cool down after a scandal or a hard day and so on. Wise woman, managed to understand your partner does not mind his periodic absences in a "cave" - ​​because it marked the return of the love and knowledge of the needs in their half.

Meet in the men's circle

Friends men - untouchable island of his life. In spite of your attitude towards them, accept the fact that they have and what your partner is a sincere pleasure of communicating with them.

Receive support and attention

Tenderness and understanding in the minds of men are they suitable form of support that they expect from living with a woman. Simple question about work or the fate of their favorite team in the league will show how it is important to you.

Comfort in the house

Comfort in the apartment - the prerogative of women, men also appreciate it a slightly different position. So, new slippers or cooked bottle of beer for the football match will be an occasion to recognize and appreciate the atmosphere created by your work appreciated.

Initiatives in bed

Lasting relationships smooth burning desire to possess a woman, and there comes a time when a man wants not only to give but to receive. Passivity in sex on a subconscious level can go to other areas of your relationship, and that your partner already thinks you just allow yourself to love, but they do not like it. Try to show imagination, take the initiative in their hands, and your man will be completely satisfied with your life.

Of course, the above requirements - not a complete list of what a man wants. Pay attention to them, you will always be able to get close to her lover and different ways to learn other desires, realizing that, you will become for him the best woman in the world.

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