Why do we need the former?

Why do we need the former?
 It is only in romantic movies former lovers can be friends families to communicate without a trace of embarrassment, without thinking of his novel. In life it is very, very rare. So why do many of us keep in touch with their ex-mate?

If you look at who is listed friends with a girl on her page on the social network, then you can certainly find some Vasya or Kohl, with whom she had 'something once was. " In the phonebook of the mobile phone is also a certain wormed Leonard, with whom she had "met in the third year, so nothing special." Among the calls on her birthday will be at least one of the "we met a hundred years ago, he just called to congratulate." Why do women hold in their former friends? Why not remove their number from my phone? Why their congratulations perceived almost as a congratulations from the Pope?

If you broke up silently and remained friends (which, frankly, it happens once in a hundred), you can continue to communicate, and nothing in this country do not. But, as practice shows, in fact, the situation is somewhat different. If you initiated the break were you, how would be sad as it may sound, you can leave his former "in reserve, just in case." No matter how many fans may be a girl, it's always nice to think that they are one more. And the former in this case is precisely the most "plus one". If you believe (or think you believe) that your ex-boyfriend left you feeling you keep it on the bench on the "safe side". Yes, it's cruel to the young man, but in matters of love, people rarely use common sense, clearing the way emotions. And emotions sometimes told to do quite illogical.

If you initiated the break was a man, then everything is much more interesting. The difference of female and male logic makes itself felt: for a man 'end of a relationship "means precisely" the end (!) Relationship. " For women, it may be, and "end of the relationship (!)", But certainly not the end. Thinking she may be many: from "he changed his mind and come back" to "Oh, wait, you know me yet." A girl and liaises with the former hoping for anything. By "something", it can mean anything: control over his personal life without her, bloody revenge, demonstrating his personal life and much, much more. Here is just one case where a woman may have a good idea to adopt a male position and understand that the phrase "end of the relationship," the key word - "the end".

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