Though inferior, but my

Though inferior, but my
 "Although inferior, but my" - this expression is as old as the world, but it is still relevant. Such words are easy to fly from the lips as mileyshey housewives and wealthy business woman, famous actress or a simple teacher. A range of emotions of others, to hear this phrase, makes you wonder. Women arc arch an eyebrow, grinning men, old ladies and touching nod sympathetically and gentlemen, in the years show a fair amount of aggression and discontent. The reason for such distinct emotions is a double meaning of the sayings.
 Women who uttered the words mentioned, can be divided into two groups: confident and diffident personality. The first group is inherent in the image of a successful woman, whether she is a mother of many children even though career-notorious. Such special compliments collect bouquets, are the pride and envy of others. These women appreciate all the things that are in every way protecting home. And often these are the representatives of the fair sex choose a plain, ordinary life partners, who in their background, it would seem, seem unworthy. That's the reason for the gossip of neighbors, discussions in the workplace and conversations among friends.

- How Come? "- They take an interest.
- "Although inferior, but my" - shrugged, the woman said.

The most surprising is that such a "defendant" utter this phrase with dignity, reverence, and even a slight smile. On the one hand, it seemed to confirm the words of opponents, while agreeing that the object of discussion, namely, the husband is not to others of interest. But at the same time the girl infinitely proud of himself and his chosen one. She is happy because it was able to find her prince, and only she knew his true abilities and qualities. For this reason a woman would keep her secret secret, not refuting the misconception surrounding. Such tactics should be considered as an excellent defense in the fight for love and happiness.

The second group are women uncertain, with very low self-esteem. This image of "whining neighbor", which is not so appreciates and loves himself, that he was afraid of being alone. This fear is present every day and every moment. He is the reason that girls appreciate stamp in your passport and boundless affection is much higher than their own physical and mental health. Family scandals, violence, betrayal - not a reason for separation, it is only theme lacrimal conversations with friends and even a little bit familiar people.

Insecure women seek support to speak out, to let go this way caused them pain men. But further complaints and lamentations are not an issue, they are returning to the chosen life partner. The word "my" in this situation is the key to a popular expression. Girls totally convince themselves that they do not elect the best worthy.

Speaking about the second group member, it should be noted that some of its representatives accept that level of relationship, they like to play the victim. However, most of them women, bogged down in such difficult relationship, need skilled care psychologist.

The reaction of others to "popular expression" explains the logic (male and female) and wisdom, called experience.

Young girls and married, and free hearing this response in defense of man, surprised snort and lift up the head. At this stage, they believe that a whole life ahead, that the prince must be sought with a horse, preferably white, choose worthy of vending and anything not belittle yourself and not to infringe.

Young men, faced with the expression "Although inferior, but my" once again convinced that demand exceeds supply. And it gives them a head start and unwarranted abuse of relations with the fair sex.

Experienced women age, for whose shoulders already have children and grandchildren, and a couple of family crises, speaking of the inferior husband touching nod. These ladies realize how much mental and physical strength you need to invest in a relationship, married, not to divorce his wife during the next "five-year plan." How much should you patience, willpower and ability to forgive in order to preserve and increase their belongings and not to seek a fallback option.

As for the gentlemen in years, or rather their response to such speech - at this stage compares himself in his youth with the present generation. An elderly man is aware of how many errors and tests fell to his fate, and how should he do if he were young again. This explains the presence of a pronounced negative connotation in response replicas. An experienced person does not justify any behavior such spouse, much less condescending attitude to such women elect.

Yet it is desirable to use the phrase "Although inferior, but my" in relation to things, for example to the old cars, but not to their loved ones and not to people in general.

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