If there was a way to rival

If there was a way to rival
 Rival. This most often happens unexpectedly. Not so at all, like a bolt from the blue, for certain inner voice starts to whisper in advance something that you do not want to understand and accept. And, suddenly, everyone does their own choices. Start looking for evidence of treason and prepare military action or dismiss and not to listen. Life often offers us a test, but the real winner always know exactly how to turn these troubles to their advantage.

Well, the emergence of a rival - a good reason to pay attention to yourself, as strange as it may sound. Blind fight with a stranger turn only a waste of time, nerves, and perhaps a loved one. Here you need to understand that her position is more advantageous. She does not need to prove anything. And if you know about it - it means only one thing that she had already captured the attention of your partner.

For those of you in this situation are important two key questions, the answers to which very honestly, you can change your life for the better. To begin decide how much you value the relationship and whether it is worth to fight for them? And what you can do for yourself to change (become better, more beautiful, more interesting, etc.)?

And the old adage "Betrayal - a reason to change," there will be a specific guide to action, whatever the answer to the first question. You decide to fight for his love or release a traitor to all four sides. Answers to the second question will need to prepare a plan for decisive action to transform their own lives in the fairy tale that you discover for yourself.

So, it's time to start a new strategy. Look at your life critical eye. Make a perfect female image and check all the discrepancies between them and conceived the ideal in appearance, education, hobbies, communication, etc. Now fix your battle plan for each position, which requires changes in the form of orders itself, starting with small things:
- Throw unnecessary things;
- Change your hairstyle;
- Meet with friends;
- Sign up for training courses;
- To find a better job;

When you launch the plan, you will soon notice a change in the attitude to you partner. His interest in the natural way switch to you. And now you will be in a better position, not giving, not figuring out without fighting. Perhaps we should go this way and refresh feeling loved, even if the opponent has appeared only in the mind.

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