I can not decide and get away from him ...

I can not decide and get away from him ...
 To live with a man who is not interested, which is difficult to find a common language, exhausting: harass himself and his, giving him a strange hope for a vague future together. Not easier to get it over with in one fell swoop and leave, proudly knocking heels?

Women by nature are very sentimental and prone to compassion, so they can be so hard to break unnecessary relations. Try to ask the question: do you really want to leave him? What prevents you dot all the i's in a relationship with this man? That all the time makes you resuscitate dying relationship?

So, there are several reasons that help to keep your life in such a relationship.

Firstly, banal habit. The so-called suitcase without a handle: and throw a pity, and be unbearably hard. Maybe it is time to hand over to the pawnshop or sell the true connoisseurs of antiques? Do not regret the time spent and effort. Acquire new leather suitcase from Dunhil not only with a pen, but also on wheels.

Second, the unfortunate pity. Immediately come to mind the words of Saint-Exupery The Little Prince: "We are responsible for those who have tamed." Periodically, scroll up with the idea of ​​separation, you are wondering: how will he live without me, a failure to adapt to life? If you think so, it will stick in these shifting sands forever. Previously, he once lived without you, and one of pity not last. Everyone deserves love: you and he. A mother and so he is.

Third, the fear of loneliness and fear of a lifetime to sit "on the shelf". Many live on the principle that although palest hue, but its always there. Better to live, using as a motto Rubaiyat of Khayyam: "... it is better alone than be with anyone." Being a successful, self-confident woman, you can find a suitable life partner for you.

Fourth, the presence of a man of common children. The first woman thinking about the future worthy of their child that in the upbringing of offspring must participate man. But whether such a father, which is never home, which pays no attention to you or your child? Probably not.

Fifth, you prevent feelings. Yes, you love him, but you know that you can not live with it, and therefore the mosque from side to side. His strange and illogical behavior you are trying to reason with him and to reach his consciousness. People do not change, if you do not want it, and your efforts will not succeed.

So, the decision was made. Do not let your emotions overwhelm you, guilt should not take precedence over the voice of reason. Do not forget that it would be better for both of you. Naturally, the separation will not give you easy, so try to escape, unwind, take a couple of crazy things, which previously only dreamed of. Life certainly improve.

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