What men want and what - women?

What men want and what - women?
 Women and men are completely different desires, it is known to everyone. It is these desires are the cause of quarrels and some tantrums, the differences are pushing to divorce and the difficulties in the relationship. To avoid all this, you need to be sensitive to your partner, giving him some freedom in the choice of targets. You must know and understand the desires of her lover, and then surely you will always be together.

Men - being silent. In the open, they rarely talk about their desires, which are often simply not clear and vague. In spite of this they also need support and understanding, this is the key aspect of family relations. Men often break during various quarrels, loneliness experienced deeper. Often solving the problem they create a simulation solutions. This happens consciously or not, but they are looking for in a woman's understanding and support.

All men need comfort and feminine charm, will never accept a woman properly, in which there is a nasty habit of it. For it would be enough if a woman has a very long nails, which he does not like. This will be a cause for emotional stimuli. As a man does not want to always have the initiative in sex, so it's important sometimes to take most of the work on the woman herself. Also, male gender values ​​in girls perfection, so do not hide their achievements and share intelligence and insight. Be proud of the skills and knowledge.

Women desire more contradictory and changing frequently. Some girls want to be next to a strong man, this "lover", which will give it a certain status. Then the lover turns with its help to her husband, whom she did, beating and "tame" him. At a certain stage of his life, a woman begins to seek other relationships already. Next go mental qualities, loyalty and diligence. "Lover" is not able to calm her soul and remove anxieties. He is not interested her experiences, hence there is a need for the person who will understand its subtle essence. Woman wants to get from men is the love of which she wants to give back. And despite all the mistakes she wants to be sure that she is loved and still good.

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