The art of communicating with men

The art of communicating with men
 Men and women are very different. No wonder members of one sex compared to people of the opposite with aliens. They have different views on life, love, sex and relationships, career, politics and life. They look at the world sometimes quite the opposite. To co-exist together, they have to learn to understand each other.
 Women often accuse their men that they can not understand and do not want to do it, that men are not interested in their inner world and what is happening to him. But men just arranged differently. They are trained from childhood not to discuss with anyone's feelings and emotions, while girls always share secrets with her friends or her mother. Women want to understand their emotions, to discuss them, while men often need to have confidence in the fact that love is. But always talk about it, they are not inclined.

Remember that men more than anything else does not want to show off their fears. That's why they do not show their true feelings that tend to look like a real man. Sentimentality and other "soft" no date them, when in fact they are often quite sensitive. If they are scared, they tend to hide it, not only from you, but from themselves. They need to be independent, main and confident. Do not press down on the man, do not expose it to the light of an unpleasant conversation, and even more so, do not humiliate him.

Observing diplomacy, and not pointing at the man by his own weakness, you make sure that he also has lots of experiences on a variety of occasions. Just a man less inclined to take small things seriously, unlike women. Many men are willing to listen to their women, give them advice and, in general, are taking part in the experiences and inner life partner. Here women themselves sometimes nice little restrict such conversations, staying for his beloved, to some extent a mystery.

A very important distinction between the sexes lies in relation to sex. Women tend to have sex, if they love a man, and men - if they want to. For them, love is inconceivable without sexual relations, while women, on the contrary, can not imagine sex without love. Although men are actually themselves are often in a power of stereotypes. In fact, love gives sex very deep and strong feelings with this no one will argue. They may not agree with you, but themselves admit that sex with a loved one - it is something special.

It remains an open question as to who is important in a relationship. All women tend to pay lip service to the rule of men, but in reality this is rarely followed. They are trying to command his partner and pushed around them, and this state of affairs, he often dissatisfied. But the secrets of female leadership to gently inform the man referred to a specific action, but do not tell him directly. Such a proud and independent man will not be tolerated.

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