Romance in family life

Romance in family life
 Scientists estimate that the peak of love relationships occur within the first 3 years of marriage. This means that the more love or dies, or is resumed with renewed vigor. In the first case, we say: "Their love boat has crashed against life." And the second: "They know how to keep your fire of love." That is just "throw up the wood," fueling their feelings. A more precise - is maintained in its alliance romance.
 To a happy family life to last forever, you have to make a lot of collaborative efforts. Do not forget those feelings and emotions that accompanied buketno-candy courtship, when young people still know each other, remaining unsolved.

After all, if everything in life is repeated in "Groundhog Day" becomes uninteresting. And marriage is transformed into a joint "growing children" and execution of marital debt. Therefore better to learn the secrets of family life than to throw up your hands and wonder about where the feeling vanished. In fact, the best that parents can do for their children - to love one another.

First of all, the woman must take into account that it is not worth doing from her husband's friend, which you can easily talk about their cellulite and acne. If the wife will try to be unpredictable in their actions and hold loves surprises, it will be very passionate about it for a long time. To do this, we must not cease to surprise her chosen.

For example, you can prepare delicious meals and dine by candlelight with her husband, to take a bath together, have sex in unknown positions and locations. And even just go to the balcony and watch the sunset together. Traditions that relate only to two, also too close. For example, it is possible to invent a way to communicate with gestures and facial expressions. With the help of this unique language, even with strangers can talk about their favorite love and desire.

Often staying in the belief that her husband is here to stay, the fair sex are no longer so carefully monitor themselves, as before the wedding. But many husbands would be happy to see more of their wives are not at home robes, and beautiful erotic lingerie, and even performing a striptease. So it does not hurt to learn ladies strip plastic. Anyway, about the figure necessary to constantly take care not to lose the appeal for her husband. After all, a man "loves his eyes."

Tenderness in the relationship must be present is the same as before. For its manifestations should try to use all possible ways: notes, quietly planted in the notebook; unexpected text messages; touch; kisses; compliments and well-deserved praise. Humor, ability to fool around and have fun let them remain indispensable companions relations. Becomes important here is not what lovers do, and what they are enthusiastically engaged in this together. Whether it is a joint transmission of the bubbles or fighting with pillows.

Very refreshing feeling extreme. This may be a trip to the rides, bungee jumping, quad biking, hiking, hot air balloon ride, a walk through the city night lighting. The main thing is to have new experiences and entry into the blood adrenaline. And sometimes it is useful and just relax together in front of the TV. In addition to all of the above, many women can certainly come up with something of their own, unique. Romance in a relationship - it is a relentless opening in each other
more and more new faces.

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