Platonic romance

Platonic romance
 Everyone pursues his goals in life. But regardless of this, most people dream to meet the "right" person with whom you can spend the rest of days. The relationship between a man and a woman can be the most beautiful and sincere form displays of affection. Only here the possibility of a platonic romance with many questioning.

It is worth to mention that the relationship without sex, that is, platonic relationship can exist only if both parties agree to it and are fully aware of what is happening. In most cases, this happens to people for whom sex is not necessary. Lovers satisfied that tenderness, that they can give each other. They just do not see the problem.

However, the majority of men and women in need of intimacy with a loved one. In that case one of the partners wants to refrain from doing so problems arise with misunderstanding. Most people blamed the reluctance to have sex to the lack of love and passion. Then the pair can only help a frank conversation.

To begin to establish the cause of the problem. Most often this is a temporary psychological disorder, physical fatigue and stress. To help in this situation should call an experienced psychologist, sexologist. And just relax will not be superfluous. Perhaps your partner simply accumulated too many grievances, suspicion arose or sneaking suspicion of treason. Quite often people lose interest in sex because of boredom and monotony. Attraction disappears with the understanding that every sexual act takes place on the same circuit.

During a candid conversation, both partners must be completely open and honest with each other. Try to talk about their desires, grievances and problems. Use a calm tone in conversation, do not swear, and conversation. After a couple of minutes a false shyness and shame are gone, replaced by a trust.

To correct the situation, pay attention to personal hygiene, romantic setting. It is also worth to make some variety in life, including sex. You may have to re-conquer each other, to learn. Do not seek to postpone the solution to this problem, because more will only get worse.

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