How to tell a man about love

How to tell a man about love
 Traditionally, all decisive and important steps have to make guys. However it is better to confess his love first, than sorry about the rest of my life undone. Everyone has the right to happiness, so why not take advantage of the opportunity and do not talk about their feelings, if a man hesitates.
 Confess your love is always difficult. You bare your feelings, subjecting them to criticism from the outside. You easily hurt and hurt, because a man can not reciprocate, to laugh in the face and do not appreciate your sincere love. It is terrible to hear in response, "I do not love you" or "let's be friends", so you need to prepare yourself in advance emotionally and psychologically for this difficult conversation, regardless of its outcome. Declaration of love - is an act which implies a certain responsibility. Of course, to do it or not - it's up to you.

So you've finally decided to tell the man about his feelings. What to do now? This conversation should be approached in detail. Surely, you know well the taste of your beloved loves to be where, what preferences in his food and music. For example, if the identity of the club, likes parties, loud music and entertainment, something to say about love can console DJ loudly into the microphone, in addition to ordering a small idea. If it is quiet by nature, loves solitude and silence, it can be invited to the cafe under the pretext of a cup of coffee, and there is already talk about their feelings, not necessarily loud - you can write three cherished words on a plate with dessert. If you enjoy and brave girl, you can capture the words of love balonchikom paint under his window, or on billboards in the city center.

It is important to choose the right moment for recognition. His good mood - the key to your success. It is unlikely that he will be able to appreciate your act, if he has a problem at work, at home or at the institute. In such a situation, it will, for sure, is closed and uncommunicative.

If we talk about the words themselves, it is worth noting that fits all no recognition. Of course, you can use some hackneyed phrases that walk across the network than a year, but it's better to find the right word itself. The main thing that they were sincere and from the heart, without too much pathos and exaggeration.

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