How to stop swearing with a man

How to stop swearing with a man
 Lovely curse, is upset. But sometimes it is "fun" can fairly podnadoest. After a quarrel quarrel discord. Constant scandals and squabbles with her beloved will not improve relations, but will only aggravate the conflict that occurred. Therefore it is necessary to stop to argue with a man and try to find another way to convey to his ears your opinion on the controversial subject.  
 Many rightly believe that swear helpful. During a violent quarrel you splash out of yourself all the negative, you will feel better. Moreover, in the heat of the moment is always easier to shout claims than to say it in a friendly conversation calmly. And yet, the stronger passions, the sweeter it will be then reconciliation.

All this is so, but the pores. Shout loved one and the same for the umpteenth time, you will not be so interesting. Men do not hear women. This is a feature of their hearing, or brain, or even some mysterious, is not known official medical authority. Any woman with experience of family life you will confirm this. Cry you will not get anywhere. Is that a divorce. Realizing this fact, it will be easier to stop start scandal with her husband or boyfriend even for the most valid reason.

Men are pragmatic and rational, women are emotional. Therefore scandals men perceive as a manifestation of female hysteria and no more. But because of his own rationality, they very clearly respond to specific actions.

If you two o'clock fuss because of his coming home late, scattered socks eternal football, friends, that you seem to Pithecanthropus, he will simply ignore you. But if you begin to act, whether he likes it or does not want, and will respond.

How best to pay attention to his beloved on a particular issue that you really care, but it is not, you can come up with themselves. The main thing is to act always consistently and quietly, with a smile. If, for example, a constant cause of quarrel - your alleged extravagance, it is not necessary every time foaming at the mouth to prove the opposite. You can silently affixed to the house you bought the thing and the product price tags. Let the husband sees firsthand how much and what you spend. Perhaps he was very surprised. Can you suggest one week to do his shopping purchases. The problem will be solved by itself.

On the other hand, re-male - Actress mania and error. Since you love a man like him with his "shortcomings", adjusting them carefully and gently. Not perekraivaya male nature under a funny thing, but it is very convenient for your farm.

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