How to stay friends with a man

How to stay friends with a man
 "Let's be friends" - a phrase that does not want to hear from the man you love with all your heart, and without which it can not live. But the words are spoken, how to proceed?
 Most people believe that the friendship between a man and a woman can not. Especially after a long and serious relationship. And, even more so if one of the partners in love with another. But how would anyone says, friendship after breaking up is possible. There are several scenarios, each of which should behave differently.

The situation first. I love it, and I do not have it. In this case, offers still remain friends. Option to return former love is unlikely because the initiative was not from you. Think about whether you want to ex-boyfriend told me about meeting new people, shared secrets and ask for advice about amorous adventures. Most likely, the answer is no.

The second situation. You went away, slamming the door, and he suggested timidly friends. Agreeing, you give hope. Refusing to injure the heart. It is necessary to give a chance friendship - perhaps with time, the pain of separation subsides, and communication would be enjoyable.

Third situation. It has long gone passion, and each of you to understand that the relationship somehow does not add up. Here it is! Unattainable ideal of friendship between a man and a woman. Judge for yourself: do you know each other well enough, but love was far in the past. In this situation, it would be inexcusable to interrupt the sweet companionship.

To help your relationship grow into a strong and long-lasting friendship, you need to know for certain that even a hint of feeling no one left. As for the rest, nothing distinguishes communication from former lovers of communication between friends. You must be sincere and always be around. Such friends appreciate all people, regardless of gender. So do not listen to the advice of others and succumb to the tricks of friends. The decision should be taken by yourself, not trying to cause pain to the partner and not performing heroic deeds, stepping over their feelings.

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