How to charm the guy on the first date

How to charm the guy on the first date
 First date - a great way to interest Man, lay a solid foundation for your future relationships or, on the contrary, definitively and irrevocably spoil everything. If your plans do not include rid of obsessive gentleman, you must make every possible effort to charm his chosen and make him desire to meet with you again and again. How can this be achieved?
 To begin with, do not try too hard. Of course, you have to look great, smell nice and be on top in any respect, but that in no case should not be evident. There is nothing that scares a man, as an excessive desire to enjoy it. And therefore, stick to the golden mean: the best of cosmetics, perfumes - only to lightly mark fragrance, clothing elegant and sexy, but do not cause.

An important point about the clothes - do not try to show everything at once than you gifted by nature. Deep neckline, very short skirt or open back - this, of course, very nice, but beware of the dress in a similar way on the first date. A man may inadvertently think that you constantly walk or so available too. Believe me, if you have beautiful legs and curvy shapes, sooner or later he will see it anyway, do not rush things.

With makeup also need to be careful. Ironically, according to surveys strong half of mankind is not particularly attracted to the abundance of makeup on a woman's face. Kiss the cheek, zakomenevshuyu from multiple layers of powder and foundation, not everyone will be pleased, and the prospect of being smeared blood-red lipstick many men is almost a stupor. Of course, just come without makeup is also impossible, but try to apply it skillfully, so that it effectively emphasize your professional skills, but not conspicuous.

An important component of any successful dating - good listening skills. If you belong to the ladies who love to talk about themselves and begin to pop incessantly at the earliest opportunity, it is better to try to restrain myself. Ask a young man tell about yourself in more detail, and do not interrupt him, even if at times would not be very interesting. Learn to listen, you will be able to arrange a friend to yourself and learn about it a lot.

The first date should not last too long. Sometimes, of course, it happens that people do not want simply can not quickly leave, but in most cases on the first date lightness and ease ends in about an hour and a half. Do not wait until you both become quite bored and exhausted all topics of conversation, it is better to say goodbye a little earlier, but keep on the evening of the most pleasant and rosy memories.

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