How do I know gigolo

How do I know gigolo
 In recent years, more and more men do not find anything wrong in order to remain at the women's table of contents. Perhaps the fault of the women themselves, hoisted on their fragile shoulders of not only the mission of keeping the home, but also the process of making notes. But not every girl agrees to provide the young man. How to recognize the same gigolo?
 If your life's journey turned out to be a male gigolo, you can not always immediately expose him. The thing is that this amateur live at the expense of ladies never recognized this weakness. Rather, he starts to sing you a song about their temporary financial difficulties, in every possible way to put pressure on pity. Alfonso able to skillfully play on the feelings of women. They are excellent ethical manipulators and skillful liars.

To time to recognize the guy in the tendency to dependency, find out about his views on life, major life goals and principles. Objectively analyze what he managed to get to his age. Ask for a paper he works, and whether he likes to perform their duties. Most often, fans constantly freebies do not work anywhere, only occasional odd jobs. But he certainly tell you that this is not for long, soon had everything in life is gorgeous, and he is sure to make you the happiest lady in the world.

Be sure to ask a question about his past personal life. If he chooses not to respond to it, it may have deliberately not telling you about his former passion, not to disappoint you. In your eyes, he will try to present a man without a past.

Most of these young people do not keep in touch with their own relatives. If your new friend speaks of his family in a negative way either ignores all of your questions about them, think about why this is happening. Perhaps he is hiding from you something very important.

But the easiest way to learn gigolo on an empty purse. At first, he may abandon your spending on it, but quickly get the hang of. You yourself will not notice how much of your honestly earned money will start to go to his needs. Instead, he will give you joy, good mood, quality sex. You are in a short time can get more compliments than in all previous years of your life. Male Gigolo know how pathetic to talk about love, ensuring that she felt most beloved, most beautiful and desired. Some of the fairer sex are willing to keep the young man to get it all. And demand is known, creates supply. But consider whether you need such a gentleman? After all, only your money is for him the true value, not you.

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