Sex begins in the kitchen

Sex begins in the kitchen
 Known psychotherapist, a specialist in family therapy with a great experience, Kevin Leman took the liberty to say that sex begins in the kitchen. His long-term study of common problems couples allow such a conclusion.  

Why food? It would seem, what is the connection between the act and the intimate kitchen, where people take food. The following example will explain what is meant here.

Imagine an ordinary family with two children in school. The morning begins with turmoil: the kids are going to school, rushed breakfast, head of the family finished reading the newspaper over morning coffee, unhappy woman rushes to the kitchen, while trying to shove dirty laundry in the washing machine, ironing jacket husband and children lay down their lunches to school.

After breakfast household spends on business. The kitchen is a mess in the morning - coffee on the stove escaped, the cat climbed up on the table and eats an egg in one of the plates. In the evening, adults returning from work and immediately accepted as normal household chores: the man on the couch watching the news, his wife in the kitchen tidying up and preparing dinner. She is furious, but says nothing to her husband, just loud claps doors kitchen cabinets and crockery rattles. All the while her husband passively watching television, waiting for his dinner. Night in the bedroom he once again hears from his wife about the headache and global fatigue, a scourge of our time.

This situation is repeated over and over again, day after day. It seems that there is no need to explain why his wife did not have even the slightest desire to do sex with her husband. Daily failures lead to an increase in tension between spouses, which increases like a snowball.

But sexual relations - is the most profound expression of feelings of loving people. If the family does not have sex, whether it is possible to talk about the family, and not an ordinary partnership?

Emerge from the kitchen there. But do not think that the husband himself will understand to rumble plates. Men - they are in fact other, they can not read minds. Directly, but gently tell her husband that a small (at least) home help would affect the improvement in your mood and relieve you of the evening headaches. After all together not only fun to walk, but also to direct the order of the house, and to share household duties.

Since we are talking about the kitchen, the word must be said that whet your feelings will help cooling down, and some products have effect, enhances sexual desire.

Kindle feelings will help olive oil, almonds and dried dates - ordinary food package passionate oriental men. Well, nothing wrong with using additional aphrodisiacs No, we are talking about the preservation of family sexual life.

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