Female perspective on the strange men

Female perspective on the strange men
 Even the man in love with a woman sometimes does not understand him. Female perspective on the strange men often contrary to the views of men in their actions. But do not be too demanding woman treat her chosen. After all, the man - a great kids, and some whims they should forgive.  

You should try to look at the strange men in terms of medicine. Differences in the physiology of the male and female organisms affect the way that men and women respond differently to the same thing. The fact that the man seems perfectly normal woman just infuriating.

Many men come home from work, lazily greeted with wives, reluctantly and briefly answer the questions asked and disappear out of sight with a newspaper in his hands. Woman this behavior is not clear. She torments herself doubts in my head the idea that something happened to him someone was there, and he no longer loves her. You should not torture yourself with it! All is well! Just had bad mood.

According to the statistics of the day says a woman about 8 thousand. Words, and a man - a little less than 4 thousand. Words. At work, a man completely exhausted day supply, and by the evening he had left only a few words to communicate with his beloved wife. But what about the woman who saved up for a loved one another 2-3 thousand? And conflicts and quarrels. They can be avoided by resorting to monologue, which does not require the male response.

Often families have a situation where the wife turns to her husband, and he carried away a newspaper, just do not hear it. How much would you not call him to dinner, he still will not hear you, yet the sight of an interesting article. Female perspective on this situation is as follows: it does not pay any attention to me, because he does not care for me, he does not want to talk to me. But neurologists different opinion. They believe that men due to the peculiarities of the structure of the brain is not able to do many things simultaneously. Therefore, you must first close the newspaper, and then try to talk to the man.

Most woman is enraged when a man takes no part in family life. For him, a more important role is played by work which he devotes all his energy, forgetting about domestic duties. After a study, sociologists have found that work for men is in the foreground, while for women the family - the most important thing in life. Therefore, in no case should not bother her Blessed with questions about which school to send their children, or to make any repairs to the apartment. These little things absolutely do not care about it.

All of the above facts lead to the conclusion that it was a woman - it's more powerful and highly organized being, and not a man. But do not exalt themselves to heaven. As once said presenter feminine look Oksana Pushkin "Strong should love and protect the weak! Is not it?

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